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Bend Agility Action Dogs


Have questions about dog agility or how to get started? 

Frequently Asked Quesitons:

Q: How do I get started in dog agility?

The first step is to take classes or private lessons or from an instructor. BAAD has two instructors you can contact them directly:


Tammy Moody - Foundation 1 - Advanced Classes & Private Lessons Email

Christiana Gunderson - Foundation 1 & Private Lessons Email

Q: Can I rent the facility to play with my dog?

A: Once you have taken lessons or had an evaluation (if you have taken lessons elsewhere) you can join BAAD and request a 30 minute weekly private practice time. We do this to make sure dogs and handlers are safe using the equipment. 


Q: Can my dog do agility?

A: YES! Any dog can do agility, all shapes, breeds, and sizes. The most important thing is your dog is having FUN. 

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